Welcome to the Coach’s Corner. Using our experience & the best small business tools, we’ve created a growth portal specifically for small businesses owners, people just like you, with aspirations just like yours! Infused with tons of startup business tools & ecommerce business tools, the portal provides a wealth of support to promote growth, increase both efficiency and profitability.

The portal is the result of decades of experience and the practical application of the tools we offer and recommend. During that time, we’ve coached business owners from a wide range of industries and seen tangible results every time.  We work with owners of micro and small businesses, typically employing 1 to 10 people.

In addition to static resources already available to grow your business, we release  videos, audio and online workbooks every four weeks on different topics. We’ve got a lot of content to share but you need to implement  it in manageable bite-size sections. These are available to you 24 hours a day.  All of the resources have been utilized successfully to growth the personal businesses of all of the contributing coaches.  In addition to these ongoing resources, as a Coach’s Corner member, you’ll receive a free 30-minute consultation with Kimberly Brewer and one monthly email coaching session (see email coaching description in the Work With Me Section).  The email coaching session, alone, is a $25 value.

Often people who work for themselves spend many  hours working in their business than they’d ideally like to. Despite this investment of time, they are not earning as much as they want and feel frustrated by their lack of business growth.

There are certain things that every small business owner wants: to increase profits, reduce stress levels, and to enjoy the job. We work with you to help achieve those basic things, but also give advice on how to earn more money and work fewer hours. We want to help you reach the right work/life balance, and spend your time wisely. It’s also our goal to help our members build a saleable business that can continue long past their retirement. By taking small steps, you will be able to achieve this.

We are so convenience that the portal will provide extreme value, we offer a FREE TRIAL.  So poke around and see what’s there.  Once you decide to buy, there’s no contract which means you stay as long as it works for you.

Everything is included:

  • Your personal coach to include a free 30 minute consultation
  • Marketing plans
  • Business plans
  • Sales revenue forecasters
  • Strategic plans
  • e-courses
  • Sponsorship proposals
  • Workbooks
  • Videos
  • Audio files
  • Membership of your own closed group of like minded business people
  • Monthly email support